The 5 Most Effective Tips for Getting More Followers on Instagram (2020)

Getting a bigger reach on Instagram can be hard – these 5 proven tips will help you with gaining a bigger audience!

The 5 Most Effective Tips for Getting More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms for marketers. However, it has become increasingly challenging to stand out and build a large follower base on Instagram over the years.

But there are a few things that can help you avoid common mistakes, and get the most out of your efforts on Instagram. Let’s walk you through them below.

Unique, Consistent Content Approach

The more consistently you post on Instagram, the more likes and followers you get. It’s simple as that.

However, there’s also more to it. Simply posting a lot of generic or “plain” content may not do you much good.

The key to a great content strategy on Instagram that can help you build a massive following is posting consistency with attractive, original and unique content.

However, the posting consistency is more important than what many marketers think. In fact, if you simply increase your posting frequency from once a week to once a day, you may see at least 50% jump in the number of followers you gain.

But remember that the consistency part is important. You won’t get the same results if you make 6 posts a day and then nothing for the next 4 days.

Coming to the quality of your content, try to get as unique and creative as you can. A great way of cutting through all the competition on Instagram is to stand out with your posts.

And nothing can help you stand out better than unique, original and creative content.

Diverse Content Strategy

There should be more to your content strategy than just posting attractive images. A diverse content strategy involving different forms of content is sure to help you get better results than just posting images.

Of course, this includes posting videos, but this also includes making Instagram Stories fairly frequently, as well as doing live videos if your niche permits.

Make sure you don’t do these things just for the sake of making different types of posts. The content must be informative and useful too.

Optimizing Your Use of Hashtags

Hashtags always have and still do make an important component of your posts. A particular study found that simply adding at least one relevant hashtag to your post can increase your post’s engagement by over 12%.

However, you need to be a little creative with the way you use hashtags as well. Simply throwing in a lot of hashtags you think are related to your post’s content may not help much.

You need to put in some research and find the right type of hashtags for your posts. The key here is to choose hashtags that are not generic and very relevant to your posts.

This may help your post rank better for those hashtags, which will get you more exposure. We have a great guide to Instagram hashtags here, and you should check it out if you’re looking for more in-depth information about using hashtags the right way on Instagram.

Following Your Target Audience

This is a pretty basic but very effective way of gaining Instagram followers. But it needs quite a bit of elbow grease too.

You need to start by identifying the top accounts in your niche. They would likely be your biggest competitors.

You then need to start following their followers. You would ideally want to follow users that actively like and comment on their posts.

However, make sure you have enough quality posts before you start following this technique. But if you want to get the best results out of your efforts, you need to come off as a bit well-established in your niche.

If you only have like a few hundred followers, many users may avoid following you. This is because a small number of followers often doesn’t inspire a lot of trust in a particular business or company.

Buying Instagram Followers

And that brings us to another technique that works great when coupled with the strategy we explained above.

While solely relying on buying Instagram followers isn’t recommend, it can be a great starting point for new accounts to build trust and inspire real, targeted users on Instagram to follow their account.

Buying a few thousand followers before following the above strategy can bring some great results. Fan Explozion offers a great Instagram followers service, delivering high-quality followers at great prices and in a way that makes the process very safe and effective.

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