How to Get More YouTube Subscribers – A Straight-to-the-Point Guide

Your YouTube channels subscriber count isn’t just a vanity metric. It’s actually a lot more than that.

Even if you’re a brand or business and not some YouTuber looking to go viral, your channel’s subscribers are crucial for you. And that’s because even the amount of exposure your videos get is heavily dependent on your subscribers and how actively they engage with the content you post.

Furthermore, as your subscribers grow, it gets much easier to promote your videos as they can get a good number of views from your channel’s subscribers itself, which often triggers a snowball effect and makes it easier for your videos to get more exposure from fresh eyes.

So with that said let us discuss in detail some of the important steps you need to take to gain subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Request Your Viewers to Subscribe

This is actually a pretty basic thing but it really works, which is the reason even the most popular YouTubers follow it, and continue to do it even after gaining millions of subscribers.

It’s simple. No matter your audience – and no matter the platform – people always need a call-to-action to act. And a short “please subscribe to our channel for more” message works just fine in most cases.

However, if you’re just starting out with little to no subscribers, you can make your message more effective by giving a short explanation about how you would offer value to your subscribers, and why should they subscribe to your channel.

This might seem a bit pushy, but even the viewers who are really impressed with your content need a bit of a nudge to actually become a subscriber.

Also, while you’re at that, don’t forget to ask them to press the bell icon too so that they get notified whenever you post a new video.

Talking About Your Next Video

There aren’t many reasons more encouraging for your viewers to subscribe to your channel than building a sense of excitement about your future content or videos.

If you’re posting good content – and are going to have more quality content to share with your viewers – you can explain at the end of every video about how good your next video is going to be and why your viewers wouldn’t want to miss it.

Then follow it up with saying that they need to subscribe and allow notifications so that they get notified about the new video as soon as it’s up on your channel.

Buying YouTube Subscribers

Now, let us make one thing clear here. Buying YouTube subscribers in general is not considered to be a good practice, and we don’t really disagree with it.

This is because the type of subscribers cheap services deliver are poor quality with no properly set-up accounts. These subscribers not only tend to drop over time, but may also lead to YouTube banning or restricting your channel as poor services make it easy for YouTube to detect that you have been buying followers.

However, we at Fan Explozion take all necessary steps to ensure that we deliver quality subscribers to your channel in a complete safe way. In fact, we only deliver 30 to 100 high-quality subscribers per day to a particular channel so that it doesn’t look unnatural even for new channels.

Furthermore, quality subscribers don’t tend to drop as much and are not only safe, but also go a long way in helping grow your channel. When you have more subscribers, it helps you in the following ways.

  • Inspire your viewers to follow your channel – a large subscriber count encourages real viewers to subscribe too thinking you must be doing something really good to have so many subscribers
  • Makes YouTube give your videos more exposure
  • Makes it easier for your videos to rank in YouTube’s search results
  • Allows you to meet the subscriber count requirement for channel monetization – something which can otherwise be a struggle for new accounts to meet

All in all, buying quality YouTube subscribers would certainly help you speed up your channel’s growth on YouTube and gain new subscribers much faster.

Keep Everything Organized

You would certainly end up discouraging viewers from subscribing to your channel if your videos are all over the place. This is a common problem with many YouTube channels, including even some of the more established ones out there.

Make sure all your videos are properly organized, and it’s easy for your viewers to find what they are looking for. Making different playlists that work as categories for your videos is a pretty neat, simple way to do this.

Focus on Your Channel Art

This is another commonly neglected area. Remember, your videos may be the best in the world, but if your presentation isn’t up to par, they will likely not get the attention they deserve.

And your YouTube banner is the first thing viewers will see when they click on your channel after watching one of your videos. Make sure it compels them to watch more videos and subscribe to your channel.

Your channel’s banner must be clean, focused around your brand, and easily viewable on all devices. Check out this YouTube video to learn how to make a professional, impressive YouTube banner for your channel.

Have Consistent Video Thumbnails

Now this isn’t exactly directly related to gaining subscribers, but it sure does make quite a bit of difference when it comes to your viewers deciding to become your subscribers or not.

What many YouTubers do is make attention-seeking, clickbait type video thumbnails so that it makes people click them. While it may work well at getting more views on those videos, it’s not a good idea for building loyalty among your viewers and converting them into your subscribers.

This is because when viewers click on your channel and find the thumbnails to be all over the place, they won’t feel encouraged to follow your channel. After all, if all they see is random attention-seeking thumbnails that don’t relate very well to your videos, your channel may come off as view-hungry and not value-rich enough to subscribe.

On the other hand, if they see consistent video thumbnails that have a common theme with a professional touch and a great focus on quality, it will give them the trust that even your future videos will be worth watching.




Focus on Quality Over Quantity

If you think you can make it on YouTube by posting a ton of videos, think again. There are channels that managed to get tens of thousands of subscribers with just a handful of videos, and then there are channels full of poor quality rushed videos that still struggle to get past a couple thousand subscriber mark.

While buying a few thousand subscribers is a good way to get over the initial roadblock, you still won’t be able to make it without enough focus on quality. Make sure you only post highly watchable videos that offer a lot of value to your subscribers or viewers.

Similarly, you need to take the editing part very seriously as well, as often times the quality of your videos can be significantly improved with enough focus on the editing part.

Poorly-made videos in bulk may get you more views in the short term, but you need high-quality, value-rich videos to gain subscribers and grow your channel in the long term.

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