How To Get More Instagram Followers For Free in 2020

Find out HOW you can get Instagram Followers for free to increase your social media reach and get a big loyal fanbase!

Before you even try to find ways to get Instagram followers for free, you must consider a few different factors. Many users overlook these factors and just try to get a bunch of free followers in whatever way they can, but this almost always leads to disastrous results for their profile and account.

So before we tell you how to go about getting Instagram followers for free, let us give you a quick overview of the metrics that define the overall value of your followers.

Real vs. Fake

Real followers are simply real users that follow you out of interest. On the other hand, fake followers are bot accounts or shill accounts made for the sole purpose of following other users.

Now, there’s a need for both these types of followers. While real followers help you build your follower base and get the kind of engagement you’re after, fake followers may help you get the initial boost you need to attract real followers.

However, most services selling fake followers are crap and can put your account at risk. So make sure you choose a quality provider like Fanexplozion if you want to buy Instagram followers.

Profile and Bio

The apps and platforms that allow you to get Instagram followers just by registering on them often get you followers that look very spammy. Most of them have no bio or profile picture, and you can tell they are a fake account from miles away.

Needless to say, this type of followers may cause trust issues among your real potential followers, while also make Instagram ban or limit your account. So you must definitely avoid free followers with no bio or profile.

Number of Followers

When trying to get free followers, it’s always recommended to go slow. Trying to follow tons of users with the hope that many of them will follow back may get you in trouble and get your account restricted by Instagram.

Similarly, trying to register to multiple apps and platforms, or getting free trials from multiple services, may do more harm than good. This is because if you get too many followers out of nowhere for new accounts, it may raise a red flag with Instagram’s algorithm.

The apps offering free followers are particularly a bad idea, as they require following random accounts in return for the followers you get, which may end up ruining your account even before it starts to grow.

How to Get Instagram Followers Free?

Now that you know what to keep in mind while trying to get free Instagram followers, let us walk you through the different ways of getting them.

Building an Attractive Profile and Bio

As simple as it may sound, you would be surprised at what kind of impact a well-thought-out profile and bio may have when it comes to gaining new followers. And while it seems obvious, you would see even some of the biggest brands out there not doing as well as they should.

Instagram users probably check out tens of profiles a day, so if you aren’t doing anything to stand out, chances are you will not. Anything that will get their attention and may them stick around for more than 5 seconds will probably do the trick.

The more natural and personal the picture, the better. And the more creative the bio, the better. If you go generic with these things by putting your brand’s logo and just a boring description of your brand, you will damage your ability to gain followers significantly.

Share Viral-Worthy Content

Again, this might not be the type of “method” you may be expecting, but if you’re looking to build a healthy presence on Instagram for the long term, then this is something you just can’t avoid.

Your content would make or break your success on Instagram, and anything that’s mediocre or generic won’t get you far for sure. That said, one of the best ways brands and businesses do well on Instagram is by presenting important, useful facts and information in a simple, creative and easy-to-digest way.

Pictures with contrasting colors, small but quirky text, and some interesting stats can go a long way in helping some of your posts go viral. Well-selected quotes do pretty well too.

Needless to say, if your content is viral-worthy and share-able, you will see much better growth on Instagram without putting in a lot of effort into gaining new followers after the initial phase of your account’s growth.

Following Relevant Users

This is one of the most common yet the most effective way to get free followers on Instagram. In fact, not just free, but real, active followers that will engage with your brand and probably turn into your customers if you’re selling something.

However, just randomly following users you think may follow you back may lead to disappointing results, while also attract restrictions from Instagram for mass following users. You need an effective strategy and some tweaks to use this method in the most effective way.

The first thing to do is identity your real target audience; users that would be actually interested in what you’re selling or what you’re doing. You can do this by identifying some already established brands in your niche on Instagram, and then narrow down to a few brands that meet your requirements the best.

Once you have this small list of brands, you need to analyze their content, particularly their top-performing posts. The next step would be to post similar, ideally better content with some creative twist.

Make sure you post enough content so that your profile doesn’t look new with little content to your potential followers. Once you have enough content on your profile, start following the followers that engage with your competitors’ (the brands we identified above) posts.

Please note that the most important step is to not follow their followers in general, but the followers that engage with their posts. So basically, these are users that are liking their posts, commenting on them, or interacting with them in some other way.

These are the active users you would want as your followers, and they are generally also the most likely to follow you back.

This strategy would take some time and quite a bit of efforts, at least initially, but it’s the most effective way to get thousands and even tens of thousands of real, active followers for free in no time, once your account has its own little organic reach.

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