Buying Instagram Followers & Likes - Good or Bad?

Should you buy Instagram Followers or stay away from it? Read on to find out!

When it comes to growing an Instagram account, not many people consider buying followers or likes. The few who do usually end up doing it wrong.

And this is what gives buying Instagram followers a bad name. After all, followers and likes are all what matter on Instagram.

But there’s the right way to go about buying followers and likes and then there’s the wrong way of buying Instagram followers and likes.

Let’s walk you through the bad first – the disadvantages of buying Instagram followers and likes.

The “Bad” About Buying Instagram Followers and Likes

First things first, let us make it clear that the bad or the cons of buying Instagram followers and likes are more about the quality of followers you make and the way you approach this process than buying them in general.

Let us explain that in a bit more detail.

What Type of Followers and Likes You Shouldn’t Buy?

Simply put, you shouldn’t buy low quality followers that are just ‘bot’ accounts with no profile pic, bio, tweets or any activity that would make them look like a true follower.

You can tell they are fake bot accounts from miles. Needless to say, you wouldn’t want your potential, real, targeted followers to see such followers on your account.

It would end up damaging your reputation in their eyes instead of inspiring them to follow you.

The same goes for likes as well. If the likes your posts are getting are coming from such low quality bot accounts, they may do more harm than good for your account.

Disadvantages of Buying Low Quality Followers

Let us discuss the disadvantages of buying such followers in detail below.

Discourages Real, Targeted Followers

As we mentioned above, low quality, bot accounts on your follower list would discourage your real potential followers from following you. It would dampen their trust factor in you, which may eventually tarnish your brand reputation as well.

Simply put, your potential followers would probably be more likely to follow you if you have less followers than if they find out that you have such fake accounts as your followers.

Poor Engagement

Engagement with your audience or followers is considered to be one of the most important metrics by Instagram. When you have a lot of low quality followers on your account, it means that you won’t be getting any kind of engagement out of them.

Furthermore, even your real followers may not engage as much with you if you don’t get any engagement from your other followers, and even Instagram’s algorithm may not allow your posts to be seen by more of your real followers.

Similarly, as Instagram may mark your posts or content as not worthy of showing to your other potential followers given your poor engagement metrics, you would have a hard time getting exposure for your content and growing your account.

You may have a similar issue when buying a lot of Instagram likes that come from fake low quality accounts. It would prevent your posts from getting exposure from real users or getting real likes.

Getting Your Account Banned!

Buying a lot of obviously fake followers may very well get your account banned as well. Instagram is very strict about the use of fake followers and makes it clear in their terms and conditions that they might ban accounts that indulge in the practice of buying fake followers.

When you buy low quality accounts with no profile picture or bio – or posts or any activity for that matter – as your followers, you give a clear indication to Instagram that you have been buying fake followers.

The poor engagement rates further work as a reason for Instagram’s algorithm to mark your account as spam or put a ‘shadow ban’ on it, which basically means that you don’t get an outright ban but your posts are not visible to most users on Instagram.

While the risk of getting banned or any other similar action being taken against you is lower when buying fake likes, buying too many fake likes from bot accounts frequently on different posts may trigger reg flags in Instagram’s algorithm.

Advantages of Buying Instagram Followers and Likes

The right type of Instagram followers and likes offers some amazing advantages. However, unlike the wrong type of followers we discussed above, these aren’t cheaply made accounts with no bio or profile picture, but are either real followers with a real profile or are designed extremely well to resemble the look and feel of a real follower.

Getting these type of followers can do a lot of good to your Instagram profile with little possibility of any harm.

Gain Real Followers Faster

A low follower count on any profile or account – especially when the account is of a business or brand – often acts as a mental barrier for potential customers or followers to follow your account. Buying real or high quality Instagram followers helps you make your potential followers overcome this mental barrier and make them more likely to follow your account.

Build a Better Brand Image

Would you trust a brand with a few hundred followers or tens of thousands of followers? A high follower count is a no-brainer for a great brand image.

However, your followers need to be real or at least look real, and you should have a decent engagement rate to be able to build a good brand image.

More Exposure

Unlike when buying cheap or low quality followers and likes, buying real or high quality followers or likes can have a great, positive impact on your engagement.

When you have a lot of followers, you get a better level of attention of your real, targeted followers, and also your potential followers.

Similarly, buying high quality Instagram likes for your posts makes them more popular in your niche, making Instagram’s algorithm give more exposure to your posts which, in turn, helps attract more eyeballs to them.

Increased Sales and Revenue

If you’re a business, your ultimate goal would likely be to gain more customers or a higher revenue. And a higher follower count can help you achieve that.

Users tend to trust a large account much more than a small account with a few hundred followers. And this makes them more likely to act on your call-to-actions to buy something from you or turn into your customers.

Conclusion – Good or Bad?

If you have gone through everything we discussed above, you can clearly tell that buying Instagram followers and likes can be both good and bad. It all depends on how you approach buying them and incorporate them into your strategy of growing your account.

If you go with a reliable supplier like Fan Explozion selling high quality followers and likes, you’re likely to enjoy all the advantages of buying followers and likes without risking your account in any way.

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