6 Important Instagram Statistics and Key Takeaways They Offer

6 Important Instagram Statistics and Key Takeaways They Offer

As they say, the statistics don’t lie. And when it comes to Instagram marketing, statistics can be a great way to draw conclusions that can be important in shaping up an effective marketing strategy.

So let us walk you through some important Instagram statistics, and more importantly, what they really mean in terms of marketing and the key takeaways they offer.

Number of Users

Instagram boasts a massive user base of around 1 million users. It’s the second biggest social network on the planet after Facebook.

What this means for you is that Instagram offers a huge opportunity to you as a marketer. This is especially true given that a large majority of its users are much more active than the users on other social networks.

In addition, Instagram is still growing at a surprisingly fast rate so its user base is only expected to increase further with time.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the recent features of Instagram released not too long back, but it has become wildly popular among its users.

It basically works like the short status on WhatsApp and the short video clips on TikTok, where the users can watch a video clip that’s not longer than 30 seconds. These Stories generate a lot of engagement for content creators, while keeping the users glued to Instagram.

Interestingly, however, it tells us even more about Instagram’s user base and its activeness. The popularity of this feature shows that you can generate a lot more engagement from your followers on Instagram than on other social platforms.

Concentration of Young Audience

In addition to an active user base, Instagram also has a great number of young users. In fact, Instagram is the best social platform for targeting the younger audiences.

The statistics reveal that well over 70% of users aged between 18 to 29 actively use Instagram. These users are often also more likely to engage with your content, and they are also not too reluctant to pull out their pockets when they spot a good product on the social platform.

Yes, They Do Spend Money!

One of the major challenges associated with social media platforms for marketers is that it’s much harder to generate revenue through social traffic when compared to other sources of traffic.

However, marketing on Instagram works very effectively not only for building a brand image, but also for generating revenue and getting sales.

As many as over 130 million users interact with commercial or shopping posts in some way every month, which speaks volumes about the direct marketing potential of Instagram. The users on the social network are much more likely to make a purchase than on other social platforms.

In fact, Instagram has also extended its Stories feature to turn it into “Shopping” Stories when you’re trying to create Stories as a marketer to boost sales. When used in the right way, this feature works really well.

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There’s more to it. Instagram has probably been very thoughtful about assisting marketers to get the most out of its platform. While it already offers Shopping Stories as a feature, it also lets interested users purchase your product directly from the app without having to leave it and visit an external store.

This promotes trust among the users and helps improve the conversion rate significantly. If you’re selling physical products, this is probably the feature for you.

Ability to Grow

While there’s little doubt that Instagram has become competitive as a marketing platform for marketers, the ability to grow quickly on the social network once you set things up right and are putting in the effort is certainly there.

This is because users on Instagram like discovering new, interesting things, which leaves a great deal of room for even newer accounts to get visibility, make an impact and get the ball rolling.

A particular statistic reveals that over half of the entire user base of Instagram checks out the Explores section at least once a month. And this is where they find new accounts in their niche sharing interesting stuff they like.

But in order to get the most visibility in the Explore section in your niche, you need to use the hashtags in the right way and stay active with your posts.

However, some new accounts still do face a roadblock. After all, many users do not like to follow accounts with less than a couple hundred followers.

A good way to get around this challenge is to buy quality Instagram followers slowly until you have a respectable number of followers. The existing follower count will inspire trust among your real potential followers and make them more likely to follow your account.

Utilizing Instagram Ads

While Facebook ads are very popular, Instagram ads haven’t yet got the same kind of attention from marketers. However, they are catching up with it quickly now as they have realized that it could be a hidden goldmine.

Something that scares away marketers from Instagram ads is that they can be relatively expensive than Facebook, and also more challenging to set up in some cases. However, that also means that there’s a greater potential for you to use them successfully.

Also, the CPC or Cost Per Click isn’t a great indicator of the ad performance. The cost of running ads is higher on Instagram simply because it offers a higher quality of traffic, with an impressively large number of its users being more willing to purchase products from right within the platform.

The overall reach of advertising campaigns on Instagram is a mindboggling 928.5 million. While only a small part of this number is going to be your potential target audience based on your niche, but it would still be a massively large number in most cases to run very effective and profitable ad campaigns.

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